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The part of the country you choose to live in will have a major impact on your lifestyle. Particularly if you want to stay in your home for a long time, make this decision carefully, considering the factors that are most important to you. Here you can discover the listings, area data, schools and amenities for each area!

About Albert Falkenberg

Albert is a lifelong resident of San Antonio with a reverence for our beautiful city. He has a heart for service and a passion for helping others meet their goals. It’s no wonder his resume includes four years of service in the US Army, 10 years in sales and customer service, and 15 years as a high school math teacher.

As a REALTOR®️, he will be loyal to your goals and will be your advocate in all negotiations. His background in mathematics and statistic gives you a tremendous advantage when evaluating pricing and offers in such a fast moving market. Have the peace of mind and confidence that comes with having a professional by your side. Don’t put off taking action any longer. Call now.

“ Service is at the my core. From military service, to community service as a teacher, I most enjoy helping others achieve their goals by removing obstacles. As your REALTOR®️, I will do the heavy lifting of negotiating a real estate transaction so that you can focus on what matters most to you. I am ecstatic about joining JPAR - Greater San Antonio and I look forward to meeting you.”